Hello! I’m Nicole Pacheco, and I want you to be the best leader possible!

Let’s take a moment to find out if Professional Edge can help you reach your goals and aspirations. Consultations can be either face-to-face or by phone. Please email me at to schedule your free, complimentary consultation (approximately 15 to 30 minutes).

Before we get started, here are some answers to questions that I commonly get asked.

Who benefits from peak performance skills?
A lot of people can benefit from improving their performance skills from professional athletes to golf hobbyists
and CEOs to medical professionals. Regardless of age or ability level, the two most important factors to reach
success are one’s belief that they can do better and their willingness to invest in themselves and the process.

What are some ways peak performance coaching services can help me improve?

  • Quickly recovering from setbacks, disappointments, and slumps. Athletes to business professionals have experienced problems and challenges at some point. Developing resiliency and recovering as quickly as possible can prevent a slight bump in the road from becoming a major life traffic jam.
  • Performing better under pressure. Are you able to “close the deal” quickly and efficiently? Are you able to remain calm and composed with unhappy clients? When all eyes are on you, do you have the confidence to execute your role
  • Rechanneling negative emotions into positive energy. One of the most exciting times in my work is being able to watch clients learn new skills and turn previously highly disruptive or negative thoughts and feelings (e.g., anxiety, panic, boredom) into positive, motivating energy.

I have a busy life, do I have to come to the office for sessions?
No! I understand that high performing people often have busy, hectic lives. Professional Edge offers flexible in-person and remote services.


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