Play your best golf.

The 4 Styles of Golf

Know yourself to build confidence, quickly recover from setbacks, and thrive under pressure.

Are you driven by winning, motivated by spending time with friends, accurately and correctly analyzing the shot, or going out on the greens hitting around some golf balls?  People Map Personality Questionnaire TM is an easy and quick way to learn about your personality. Having a good understanding of your personal sources of motivation, confidence, and weaknesses help you become a smarter and mentally stronger player.


These individuals focus on getting results and thrive on winning.


These individuals love people and thrive on relationships and the social aspects of golf.


These individuals love to gather data and information. They enjoy the mental aspects of golf.


These individuals are naturally intuitive and tend to develop their own golf technique.

Leader type™

Leaders are results-driven, demanding, high performers who expect to be at the top in golf as in all other areas of life. They can be practically unstoppable when they are playing “in the zone” and strongly motivated by keep score. They tolerate bad shots poorly and their expectation of how they “should” be playing versus accepting reality delays their ability to recover successfully from setbacks. Similarly, a little competition can increase the Leader’s enjoyment and fun with the game. However, if the Leader’s game will suffer if he or she cannot refocus appropriately rechannel their feelings of frustration or inferiority when playing with superior golfers.

Tip: Learn how to focus on one’s performance when distracted by other players or struggling with a performance slump. Leaders tend to be all or nothing, so it’s especially important for them to find the balance between good energy without becoming anxious or angry when things are not going their way.

pEOPLE type™

This type is the most common and finds the social aspect of golf highly rewarding and enjoyable. It is important for this type to find an appropriate group of golfers to play with as they can be discouraged by other types that are not as “team-oriented” as the People type. Their own performance could be curtailed if they are distracted by other golfers and, therefore, the People type’s ability to refocus during difficult times is crucial to their performance.

Tip: Use breathing techniques to get through periods of stress and positive self-talk to boost up one’s mood when around negative people.

tASK type™

Taskers love data, details, and solving problems. They tend to naturally adopt to a system to follow to measure their progress and make adjustments quickly. Their challenge is to manage all of the data and to keep the game from getting too slow.

Tip: Because of the body’s natural response to tense under mental stress, Taskers need to remember to relax and to keep the body limber. Using a finger thermometer is an excellent way for Taskers practice relaxation, but can use data to help them! (An ideal finger temperature that suggests relaxation lies in the 90s fahrenheit.)


The Free Spirit loves to embrace the moment and tend to change up their approach to golf. They are constantly learning and experience enjoyment from learning new techniques or tricks. Their zen-like (“it is what it is”) approach to golf helps them quickly recover from setbacks.

Tip: Goals are important for all golfers, but especially for free birders; they don’t like to be tied down, but their interest and enjoyment of the game will be increased if they can identify why they want to play.

Play better. Play smarter.