Leadership Development & Training

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Leaders are made, they are not born. – Vince Lombardi

Athletes spend hours preparing on and off the field, learning tips and tricks and refining their skills. The practice and repetition, with feedback, helps to mold them into “machines” where their actions become second nature.  Of course, they do all of this with the assistance of coaches and trainers.

Professional Edge offers leadership development training for business professionals who want to achieve a leadership position and leadership development coaching for leaders who want to take their career to the next level.  Just like training and coaching is necessary for athletes to achieve the pinnacle of success, training and coaching for business professionals is necessary for optimum success.  Let Professional Edge help coach and train you to become a confident, effective, and respected leader.

Comprehensive leadership development provides improvements in the following areas:

  • Communication Skills (Can you think of a great leader who was not a great communicator?)

  • Problem-Solving

  • Concentration & Focus

  • Time Management

  • Productivity & Efficiency

What makes great leaders so great?
They know that it is a process of growth and learning. Great leaders are not replications of other great leaders. They are great because they have the embraced their true, authentic self. Professional Edge begins leadership development with assessments to identify strengths, goals, passions as well growth areas. Programs are individualized to meet each leaders needs and goals.

How are great leaders developed?
Professional Edge utilizes the science of psychology to produce successful results in the boardroom.  The same research and knowledge that coaches developed and use in the sports world can be used to develop forward thinking, highly effective leaders.

Some of the tools that we use for our business leaders include: Assessments, Biofeedback (including Heart Rate Variability Training), and Mental Skills Training.

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