Early Extension is a golf swing characteristic that can be found in
70% of amateur golfers,
but 99% of PGA pros do NOT have it!

Early Extension takes place when a golfer does not maintain proper golf swing form and straightens prematurely during the downswing. As a the upper body rises, the lower body’s ability to rotate smoothly is disrupted and the player starts to stand. Because the lower body has moved into the space that the arms should be, the player is no longer able to effectively hit the ball. Early Extension results in either a block to the right or a hook to the left. Players often complain of “getting stuck or trapped” as their body is in the way of their arms during the downswing.

According to Titlelist Performance Institute (TPI), there are several reasons for the Early Extension golf characteristic. These include:

  • Spinal/Postural Concerns (these cause the body to shift out of proper form during swing)
  • Inability to internally rotate the lead hip (this allows the golfer to avoid straightening during downswing)
  • Inability to separate the upper body from the lower body (this is important in maintaining postural stability and proper motion during swing)
  • Weak gluteal and abdominal muscles (again, strength is critical in maintaining stable, proper form during the golf swing)

Video analysis can identify the presence of this golf swing characteristic. To understand the cause(s) of Early Extension, a TPI 16-Point Physical Assessment identifies physical limitations a golfer may be experiencing. A TPI 16-Point Physical Assessment provides golfers an effective method to understanding the body’s strengths and weaknesses. Easy exercises and drills correct physical limitations and help golfers unlock their golf swing potential!

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