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Midyear Goal Check-In

Midyear Goal Check-In: It's time to revisit, realign, or reset one's goals! Vision isn't enough unless combined with venture. It's not enough to stare up the steps unless we also step up the stairs. - Vance Havner The most successful people make it a practice to...

How to Stop being Blind to Opportunities!

“How did they not see that? It was right in front of them?” This not uncommon, one-person conversation between an observer and their television occurs when the professional athlete experiences an error or missed opportunity to the dismay of the observer/supporter. Feel free to replace “it” with an empty net, open receiver, or oncoming traffic. The observer asking the question often scratching his or her head and left wondering, How can someone miss something so obvious? Well, it turns out that we have likely all been blind to opportunity at some point. Please say hello to inattentional blindness.